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October 8-9, 2019 I London, Queen Elizabeth Hall

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London Agenda

Both days 08 October09 October

08 October

Networking Breakfast With Sales Enablement Experts

Introduction and Opening


Storytelling for Business

Storytelling is the #1 business skill necessary to connect, motivate, and lead people in today’s world. Stories compel us to engage in experiences, learn lessons, and define our values and ourselves within our organization. Matthew Luhn, former 20 year Pixar story artist and animator, brings his experience creating and developing 10 blockbuster films at Pixar, and provides practical strategies that teach and inspire people and teams to connect more effectively with audiences. Matthew uses the power of storytelling to bridge the gap between business and heart, driving your story toward one unforgettable selling point.

Matthew Luhn
Animator, Writer


Opening Keynote

It has been another impressive year for the world of sales enablement. Join Showpad CEO and co-founder PJ Bouten to celebrate Showpad's community at large. He'll share our platform's successes and the company's latest news. 

Pieterjan Bouten
Co-Founder and CEO, Showpad


Product & Vision Keynote: Driving the Future of Sales Enablement

Showpad Co-founder and Chief Product Officer Louis Jonckheere will share how technology is reimagining buyer engagement today and what's coming next.

Louis Jonckheere
Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Showpad

Networking Lunch


What Sets Winners Apart? An Insider’s View of CSO Insight’s Newest Research

CSO Insights’ latest research is in, and it shows how the top 25% of organizations drive better results for revenue plan attainment, quota attainment, and win rates. What are they doing differently? Tamara Schenk will provide exclusive insights into the report for TRANSFORM attendees, unveiling for the first time in a conference setting the five key tips for structuring a winning sales enablement program. She’ll also explain how seller engagement impacts performance and turnover rates, with tips for driving continual improvement.

Tamara Schenk
Research Director, CSO Insights

Sales Enablement 2020: Are You Ready for What’s Next?

Al Graves
Global Head of Sales Enablement, Exponea


Portraits of Sales Enablement Success: How Companies - Big and Small - Impacted Revenue

Many Sales Enablement teams start as lone internal resources, while others have morphed into large teams with disparate goals. No matter where you are on the Sales Enablement spectrum, you are challenged to show business impact. In this session, you’ll learn from practitioners who’ve elevated Sales Enablement to a strategic function. They’ll share tips for securing alignment and building support for the resources they need to be successful. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of how to grow from an “army of one” to a fully aligned Sales Enablement machine that fuels your revenue machine.

Tim Heinz
Senior Marketing Manager, MED-EL

Edwin Kuiper
Manager, Sales Enablement EMEA, Goodyear Dunlop Tires Operations S.A.

Alexander Smets
Divisional Manager Sales Enablement, Industrial Air Division, Atlas Copco

Paul Saleme
Global Head of Sales Enablement, Showpad

Networking Break and Demo Theatre Sessions


BREAKOUT: Measuring What Matters -- Before it’s Too Late

Today, Sales managers don’t have a way to easily track and measure how their new hires are ramping. That can lead to them not finding out if they’re effective for two quarters and by then, their annual targets are shot. In this session, you’ll learn how to measure training progress, sales skills, sales call quality, and much more. You’ll also see how to quickly correct the course so your revenue targets aren’t at risk.

Alex Ayers
Sales Director, Gamma


BREAKOUT: More than Just Adoption: Understanding the True ROI of Sales Enablement

As Sales Enablement has evolved, so have the metrics for measuring its impact. Reporting on deliverables only shows part of the picture. Sales enablement and marketing teams need to know what content and courses being consumed and which are connected to won revenue. To show the value of Sales Enablement, professionals should share a complete view of the program. In this session, Sales Enablement professionals will outline the reports and benchmarks that matter to the C-suite - and the bottom line. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of how and what to measure for a holistic view of your program’s success.


Engaging the Sales Team: A Marketer’s Journey toward Success

Seven years ago, Reynaers Aluminium started its journey with Showpad. Along the process, they rolled out several initiatives to trigger their international team to use the platform. Six years later, they reached 350 users - a success! Or was it? Going deeper into analysis, they found that only a small part of the sales staff were using Showpad. Just one year later, they have 450 users - and ALL salespeople frequently use and share information through the platform. What did they change one year ago to drive so much engagement? Join this session to find out.

Michel Van Put
Chief Marketing Officer, Reynaers Aluminium

BREAKOUT: Demo Track


BREAKOUT: Herding Cats: Easing the Cross Collaboration Headache

Sales enablement faces the tall task of uniting go-to-market teams -- each with different goals, resources and personalities. In this session, sales enablement professionals will outline how they define team needs and deliver value. Attendees will be armed with the first steps toward building a cross collaboration approach.

Nicolas Lihou
Head of Sales Enablement and Channel Marketing, Cegid


BREAKOUT: Courting the Customer: Building a Relationship that Lasts

Every quarter, you’ve got a number to tackle. You need every trick in the book to engage buyers, to make sure you hit quota. But how do you lay the foundation for a relationship that lasts beyond signing on the dotted line? How do you align with Marketing and Customer Success to make sure you’re using keeping the buyer at the center of your strategy? In this session, Sales leaders will share how they work collaboratively with Customer Success and Marketing to build customer relationships that continually grow revenue through better buyer and customer engagement.


From Onboarding to Coaching: the Continuous Cycle of Driving Sales Excellence (PANEL)

Onboarding Sales reps is a battle against time - you need to get them onboarded quickly and effectively so they can make quota. Once they’re in the field, your products, market conditions, and customer use cases constantly change. How can you help them keep up? Attend this session to learn how these Sales leaders fuel their teams’ success, both at the start and throughout the journey.

Carly Lehner
Senior Manager of Sales Enablement , Axiom Law

Chris Neal
Director, Global Enablement Programmes, Blue Prism

Chris Book
Sales Enablement Manager, Twilio

Emily FitzPatrick
Sales Enablement and Training Manager , Showpad

Closing Session and Awards Ceremony

Happy Hour

End of the Day

09 October

Networking Breakfast with Sales Enablement Experts

Product Keynote

Gaurav Kotak
VP Product, Showpad

Rita Patel Jackson
VP Product Marketing, Showpad


Why Bet Your Career on Sales Enablement?

Join this engaging fireside-chat session with two people who have done just that: Laura Valerio, formerly of Expedia and now at fast-growing Deliveroo, and Showpad’s own Jason Holmes. Laura’s seen how sales enablement is key to quickly increasing sales readiness in the era of the fastest tech evolution, helping sales win by educating their partners to embrace disruptive behaviours. Jason sees close parallels between the rise of exciting careers in sales enablement with his time as a leader at Marketo, when demand generation titles barely existed. Come and see how you are uniquely poised to capitalize on this emerging role and market category as you advance your career.

Jason Holmes
President and COO, Showpad

Laura Valerio
Director, Global Sales Enablement & Training, Deliveroo

Networking Break and Demo Theatre Sessions


BREAKOUT: It’s All About the Deal: Measuring Marketing’s Impact at the Bottom of the Funnel

Measuring success is always top of mind for Marketing leaders. With the proliferation of data and tools, marketers can easily measure the impact of programs at the top and middle of the funnel. However, for many marketers, the usage and impact of content by sales is still a black box. In this session, Marketing leaders will outline how they measure and optimize the impact of content throughout the entire funnel.. You’ll walk away with an understanding of how to optimize the buyer experience to drive revenue success.

John O'Brien
Senior Product Manager, UK Retail Division, Scope Ophthalmics

Patrick Nea
Business Systems Manger, Scope Opthalmics UK/IE


Beyond the Typical B2B Pitch: How DHL Delivers a Remarkable Experience

How can you differentiate your sales pitch in a highly competitive market? Rather than try to make the best sell, stand out while helping the customer to buy. DHL reshaped the way their sales team delivers their story, making it personal, data-driven and high-impact. They create a remarkable experience for the buyer while delivering the necessary information for inside sales to seamlessly create the offer. You’ll walk away from this inspiration session with tips for creating and maintaining a buyer experience that enables your sales to make a difference.

Lisa Kitter
International Sales Development Manager, DHL

Dieter Jaspers
Head of Digital Experience, BBC


Sell What They Need, Not What They Ask For: Create Demand with Commercial Insight

Nearly 90% of buyers claim not to involve a supplier when they identify problems. Reacting only to problems the buyer has already uncovered leaves sellers dependent on established demand that is outside their control. What if sellers not only reacted with solutions for established demand, but also helped identify new problems that created new demand? How might that change your success rates? How might that unlock your growth potential?  Creating new demand requires marketing and sales working together to deliver problem-centered commercial insight at the outset of the customer’s buying journey. It’s not easy to do, but you’ll see why it’s worth it.

Spencer Wixom
Vice President of Marketing, Challenger


Crushing the SKO: Sitecore's Tips to Make Sales Love Your Kickoff

Who loves sales kickoffs? Some do, but many don’t. Sales teams dread long, dreary days away from selling, while leadership and marketing teams worry about making them valuable for reps. In this session, you’ll learn how Sitecore bucked the trend, delivering a sales kickoff that engaged sellers, delivered actionable content, and spurred them to success with continued learning after the event. In the process, they increased engagement in Showpad, with over 25,000 hits to the mobile app in one day

Katie Mussellbrook
Vice President, Sales Enablement , Sitecore


Customers the Day After Tomorrow: Winning Customers in a World of AI, Bots and Automation

We’re entering phase 3 of digitalization. This is a world of automation, bots and Artificial Intelligence. The benefits to customers will be HUGE. Customers will enjoy a world of faster than real-time customer service. A world with hyper-personalized offerings. And a world with the most seamless user interfaces ever. In this session based on his latest book, Steven will help you achieve these customer benefits in this new digital phase. He’ll discuss three investment axes to achieve the perfect customer experience and show you how the latest technologies can help to win the heart and business of your customers. You’ll see how you can leverage data to improve experiences, learn about the latest customer interfaces. You’ll discover strategies for companies to fight the digital commodity magnet. And finally, Steven will show you how you can augment employee intelligence levels.

Steven Van Belleghem
Author, "Customers The Day After Tomorrow"

Closing Remarks

Networking Lunch


Accelerate Strategy Workshop (registration is required)

Accelerate, the global community of sales enablement professionals,  is hosting an exclusive strategy workshop that will allow you to put your TRANSFORM learnings into action. During this 2 ½ hour session, learn from fellow practitioners how to effectively partner with the leadership team and why building a professional network can help you become an enablement champion. You will leave the workshop with a tangible blueprint to assess the current state of your program and outline next steps.  

The number of available seats is limited.  To attend, please fill out the separate ticket registration form. View the Accelerate Strategy Workshop agenda.

Michele Bensi
Sales Enablement Senior Manager, Growth Region, Salesforce

Roland de Wit
Managing Consultant, Engagement Factory

Chad Dyar
Director of Enablement and Strategy, Hearsay Systems

Carly Lehner
Senior Manager of Sales Enablement , Axiom Law

Laura Valerio
Director, Global Sales Enablement & Training, Deliveroo

Emily FitzPatrick
Sales Enablement and Training Manager , Showpad



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