17 October

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Pieterjan Bouten
CEO and co-founder, Showpad

How B2B Buyers Are Redefining Sales Enablement

B2B buyer behavior has changed dramatically, but there are conflicting interpretations regarding how and why. One thing that is clear is that modern sellers need to constantly adapt to changes in buyer behavior. And they must do so in ways that are quantifiable and impactful on the sales enablement function. Join SiriusDecisions’ Peter Ostrow for this keynote, as he addresses:
Modern Buying: What do today’s B2B buyers want?
Modern Selling:  How should today’s B2B sales reps sell to be successful?
Bonus: How do high performing sales organizations operate to win?

Peter Ostrow
Senior Research Director, Sales Enablement Strategies, SiriusDecisions

Revolutionizing Buying-Selling Experiences with Innovation

Today, no one is surprised by the pace of change or the digital opportunities that it offers. We're all actively trying to transform and take advantage of popular trends like mobile, AI, and big data to better engage our customers. This session will move beyond the obvious opportunities to help you visualise innovative possibilities that the digital age will offer in marketing and sales. Obeng will explore how new and emerging technologies can guide and enable your teams in their roles. He'll also provide insights and ideas to encourage you to embrace, lead, and accelerate your transformation process.

Eddie Obeng
Learning Director , Pentacle Business School

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Digital Transformation, Intelligent Content, and Engagement

You've made the right first moves to step into the digital age but the pressure to modernize your sales process is as high as ever.  In order to deliver superior digital experiences that buyers love, teams must continually evolve and create marketing and sales alignment that lasts.  Join Deloitte's Frederik Debrabander to explore how high-growth companies are achieving outsized results by improving sales productivity and efficiency.

Frederik Debrabander
Partner, Deloitte Digital

Ready Seller One - The Story of Sales Enablement at Twilio

In the year 2018, Sales Enablement at Twilio can be an ugly place. The only time Chris Book really feels alive is when he's plugged into his virtual training and coaching utopia. Book's devoted his life to studying the mysteries of on-boarding new sales reps at a fast growth San Francisco tech business. This is the story of how Twilio on-boarded over 100 new sales hires in 9 months, up-levelled existing reps and didn't go crazy in the process.

Chris Book
Dir of Sales Enablement, Twilio Inc.

There is No Sales Pitch

If we were all part of the buyer’s journey, every single touch point with a prospect would turn into an opportunity to uncover unique buyer insights. We wouldn’t need to pitch anymore. We’d use a pitch-perfect, unique buyer story. 

Dieter Jaspers
Head of Digital Experience, BBC NV


BREAKOUT: Scalable Sales Enablement: Realizing the Promise of AI

Leading companies are using AI in all kinds of innovative ways to advance their businesses. These algorithms are the new fuel to power any company’s decision-making process, helping sales to make smarter business decisions. In this session Carmina will provide an overview of how artificial intelligence is assisting sales while empowering a better customer experience. 

Carmina Coenen
Director Solution Engineering, Salesforce

BREAKOUT: Is the Salesperson disappearing?

Jurgen Heyman is going to analyse the rapid change in the B2B buying environment and its gradual transformation to a buyer-driven area. This change creates threats, but also opportunities, and sellers need preparation to react and implement changes in how they interact with customers. The urgency is real: the traditional role of the sales rep is expected to decline, and only a few of them will manage to outperform in the future

Jürgen Heyman
CEO, Sales Performance International

BREAKOUT: From Information to Action: Using Data to Drive Content Decisions

With customers increasingly becoming more empowered and demanding, the onus is now on the sales organization to empower their salespeople to make quick decisions to help their customers. However, empowering the salespeople to make the right decisions requires a clear understanding of the individual salesperson’s ability to process customer relevant information and adapt it according to the sales process itself to ensure optimal results. In this session, we will focus on the 3 essential P’s - People, Process, and Performance - crucial elements for salespeople to be successful with their customers.

Deva Rangarajan
Associate Professor of Sales, Ball State University

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PANEL DISCUSSION: Sales Enablement Redefined

The mission of sales enablement is growing day by day. Join moderator Peter O'Neill and a panel of sales enablement practitioners as they discuss where they are on their journey to transform sales enablement at their organizations and the moves they are making to introduce more automation and personalization to scale their early successes.


  • Neil Ross, Marketing Director, GE Healthcare
  • Carey Rooks, Global Marketing and Communications Manager, Envigo
  • Peter Logghe, Manager Training & Professional Education for EMEA, PENTAX Medical
  • Chris Book, Sales Enablement Director, Twilio
  • Graham Leeson, Head of Comms and Sales Enablement, Fujifilm Europe

Peter O'Neill
Independent Analyst , MARCHNATA

Carey Rooks
Global Marketing and Communications Manager, Envigo+++

Graham Leeson
Head of Communications & Sales Enablement, Fujifilm Speciality Ink Systems LTD

Chris Book
Dir of Sales Enablement, Twilio Inc.

Peter Logghe
Manager Training & Professional Education, PENTAX Medical

Neil Ross
Marketing Manager, GE Healthcare

How to Build Your Revenue-Generating Machine

The world of sales is driven by metrics. How do you tie your sales enablement activities to results and justify the right budget for your programs? In order to train your sales teams to be consultants that drive value, you need the right resources. In this session, Michael Hoy with Pendo will share how he built a case that won him the money he needed to invest in a sales enablement program that works. 

Michael Hoy
Head of Enablement, Pendo.io

The Future of Sales Enablement

B2B selling is in challenging times. The path to purchase is taking longer and deals are getting more complex. The modern seller is challenged with engaging buyers who are more knowledgeable and more demanding. In this keynote, Showpad founders PJ Bouten and Louis Jonckheere will share original research on the expectations of today’s buyers and define the future of sales enablement.

Pieterjan Bouten
CEO and co-founder, Showpad

Louis Jonckheere
CPO, Showpad

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Participants are invited to discover the Digital Expert Hub, Showpad Hub and various activation stations.

Sales and Marketing Awards Ceremony

The Showpad Sales & Marketing Excellence Awards (SAM Awards) are designed to recognize and promote the best-in-class sales enablement deployments from customers and partners who have proven to be true leaders and innovators in their industry. The objective of the Award is to inspire organisations to develop the best sales enablement practices and encourage creativity in designing customer experiences. 

Created in 2015 to promote the importance of sales and marketing enablement, the Showpad SAM Awards recognise achievements that will inspire new ideas for sales and marketing. 

During this SAM ceremony, the winners of the following categories will be announced 


All registered delegates attending Showtime18 will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite project from the winners in all categories and select the winner of  the SAM Excellence Award for Outstanding Project.

Celine Vincent
Customer Success Director EMEA, Showpad

Liz Carten
Head of Global Customer Success, Showpad


Celebrate the great accomplishment with the winners of the awards and the entire sales enablement community and enjoy great food and drinks with the beats of DJ Bafana and DJ Tang brought especially to Showtime18 guests from Tomorrowland.  

Wrap up

18 October

Welcome coffee

Welcome to Day 2

Pieterjan Bouten
CEO, Showpad

Showpad Vision and Product Roadmap

Showpad's vision is to help customers deliver the best buyer experience - and we continue to invest heavily in product innovation as we aim to realize our vision. Join us in this session to learn more about where our product is headed and our quest to build the world's most comprehensive & intelligent sales enablement platform.

Louis Jonckheere
CPO, Showpad

Sumeet Ganju
Vice President, Product, Showpad

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Participants are invited to discover the Digital Expert Hub, Showpad Hub and various activation stations.

Expanding your Sales Enablement Platform: It’s a Marathon, not a Race

In this session, Nikki Nummela will share how she successfully implemented and expanded Showpad across PerkinElmer, despite limited resources. Learn how she moved from what seemed like an unrealistic goal to an attainable one by focusing on the most critical steps in the process.

Nicole Nummela
Sr. Manager, Global Sales Enablement , PerkinElmer

Building a Connected Customer Experience

In this session Bruno Misseeuw will explain how Coca-Cola European Partners has been working on a Connected Customer Experience as part of a Customer Engagement & Retail Execution programme. A strategic multi-year programme building differentiating capabilities through custom development on top of an integrated cloud platform, as well as leveraging an eco-system of integrated applications and services to further drive speed and accelerate sales enablement. A journey which will not only further enhance the Customer Sales & Service Capabilities of a 6000 strong commercial team across 13 countries in Western Europe, but also will build world class customer conversations.

Bruno Misseeuw
Director, IT, Strategic Business Solutions Business Partner – Commercial & Digital, Coca-Cola European Partners


Participants are invited to discover the Digital Expert Hub, Showpad Hub and various activation stations.

BREAKOUT: How to Prove ROI of the Sales Enablement Project

Learn how to build and deliver a business case for sales enablement that will get buy-in from your stakeholders. This session will explore what aspects of sales enablement you can measure, how to include this information in a business case, and how to present that case to your internal decision makers. 

Christophe Bostyn
Global Enterprise Account Executive, Showpad

Yosr Melki Barro
Marketing Director Western Europe, Knauf Insulation

BREAKOUT: Integrating Showpad in your Sales Processes to Better Sell to the Modern Buyers

In session will share how to help companies get more from their investment in sales enablement platforms, how to achieve scale and drive the desired sales behaviours of their commercial teams. How to cascade desired business results to effective sales activities and relevant metrics. Share examples of integrating Showpad into the sales processes - be it for the sales representative and for the sales managers. How to align sales and marketing to work effectively together and develop effective tactics to sell to the modern buyers.

Francois Delvaux
Partner , Minds&More

BREAKOUT: How to Create a Digital Ecosystem. TVH case study

This session will demonstrate how to integrate your sales enablement platform into your existing tech enviroment in order to create a seamless digital ecosystem. 

Melanie Berteyn
Business & System Support Advisor, TVH

Sabrina Carlier
Business Process Analyst Salesforce, TVH

Networking Break

Participants are invited to discover the Digital Expert Hub, Showpad corner and various activation stations.

BREAKOUT: Platform Structure as a Foundation of Success

In this break out session, you will learn how to translate your business reality into a Showpad structure that your users will love. How to start such a project? What are enablers that will facilitate user adoption? Which secret tricks do you need to know and which pitfalls to avoid?

Jan Kerstens
Sales Excellence Leader, Etex Facade

BREAKOUT: How to Drive Adoption

The creation of custom experiences in Showpad revolutionized the traditional sales process of DS Smith. We will talk you through our persona-based approach, demonstrate our creative use of technology and break down our global rollout strategy.

David De Smedt
European Marketing & Communications Manager, DS Smith

Dieter Jaspers
Head of Digital Experience, BBC NV

BREAKOUT: The Importance of Digital Transformation

So you replaced your cuckoo clock by an electric alarm clock, that's digital transformation. Or not? Reality shows that moving processes into digital workflows sometimes accelerate the problems instead of solving them. In this session, we dive into the "total cost of fear", an unspoken aspect that makes the difference between success or failure of your digital transformation.

Koen Bogaert
Senior Solutions Consultant, Showpad

Networking break

Participants are invited to discover the Digital Expert Hub, Showpad corner and various activation stations.

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Often sales and marketing are at odds, with arguments over the quality of leads their only connector. To effectively engage with today’s buyers, the line between marketing and sales must be removed to deliver a seamless and engaging buyer journey. In this session, Jason will share original research on B2B buyer expectations and then outline a practical way to align marketing and sales to deliver a differentiating buying experience.

Jason Holmes
President & Chief Operating Officer , Showpad

How to Ensure your Sales Enablement Project is a Success

During a sales enablement project, several key stakeholders are in play and every layer of the company will be touched upon from the executive level to regional.

At this session, a number of crucial elements are discussed to ensure a successful rollout, adoption and highest ROI of the sales enablement platform integration.

Case studies by Arval and Proximus. 

Bert van Rooijen
Manager Professional Services EMEA, Showpad

Neuroscaping to Improve Face to Face or Digital Engagement

How can the latest research in brain science be used to improve engagement, connection, and
outcomes when people interact – face to face or digitally?  Neuroscaping is the art of applying neuroscience and psychology research to experience design – combining science with insight to reimagine how interactions play out.   Neuroscaping combats the increasing challenges that impede the transfer of information and connection.  What will you leave with?   An understanding of why we must approach interactions with greater insight into the human mind.  You will also learn how the art of Neuroscaping can help us access the minds of our audience in order to achieve better outcomes.  And we will examine the role technology can play in influencing behaviors.

Ben Moorsom
CEO , Debut

Tools, Teaming & Transparency - The Keys to Sales Enablement Success

What if sales enablement stopped being perceived as a cost center? What if, instead of thinking of it as training, or onboarding, or the resting place for an organization’s broken things, we thought of sales enablement as a strategic investment—a proactive function that actually enables sales to sell more, sell higher and sell faster? Join Roderick Jefferson for this keynote as he addresses:

  • His formula for creating an effective sales enablement function 
  • How sales enablement can earn a seat at the executive table
  • How sales enablement can turn conversations into actions that drives revenue

Roderick Jefferson
CEO, Roderick Jefferson & Associates, LLC


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