Laura Valerio

Laura Valerio

Director, Global Sales Enablement and Training, Deliveroo

Laura Valerio is Deliveroo’s Global Sales Enablement and Training Director, leading and aligning people, processes, and priorities across the business to help it scale and grow faster.

Laura has had extensive experience in sales, initially at Boscolo Hotels (an Italian Hospitality Brand) and then at Expedia Group, the global online travel business. Later, Laura built out a Global Sales Enablement function for a fast-growing B2B company within the Expedia portfolio, meaning that she understands what truly drives sales productivity, motivation, and passion – as well as the tools that support them.

Laura believes that helping sales teams to be the best is driven by how well you connect with the heart-beating people you’re trying to help, and how effectively you communicate with them and coach them. Fuelled by a passion for working with sales on delivering results, Laura thinks creatively on strategy and effectively plans its execution. She is thrilled by fast-paced environments where she can make things happen.

An Italian national resident in London since 2013, Laura graduated in English and French from the University of Padova. She loves traveling, learning new languages, and is curious to learn from new cultures.